Join the friends with benefits program to start getting rewarded for every friend you refer who signs up and orders anything worth N3,000 or above. Your friends get N500 discount on their first order, and you also get N500 discount for your next order as a little thank you…

To join the program kindly log in or register for an account and start sharing your link via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or emails. It’s super easy!

Get your reward in 4 easy steps


Sign up to get your unique coupon code.

Share your code
To give your friend a reward, share your unique coupon code valued at N500 which they can redeem on checkout on our online store.
Hang in there
Wait for your friends to redeem their coupons. They can redeem coupons when they spend N3,000 or above.
When your friends redeem their coupons you immediately get N500 in your store wallet to be used on your next order. The more you earn, the more you redeem.

Amazing right?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see my referral earnings?

You can find your referral earnings in your personal account.

I referred a friend but they completed their order without my code, do I still get the reward?

No, we can only track your referrals through your unique code

How many friends can use my code?

As many friends as possible.

How can a friend redeem their coupon?

By completing an order of N3,000 or above.

Can one person use my coupon code multiple times?

No. They can not.